Muscovite Confessed To Killing Two Children

Muscovite Confessed To Killing Two Children
Muscovite Confessed To Killing Two Children

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The Muscovite confessed to the murder of two young children, the investigation intends to send her under arrest. This was reported to "" by the representative of the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

According to her, during the interrogation, the woman fully admitted her guilt and told the investigation that she suddenly decided to kill the children, after which she drank alcohol.

“We slept like angels, and I killed them,” the accused said. She was going to commit suicide, but could not, writes "KP".

A petition for her arrest will be sent to the Ostankino Court of Moscow. She will also be assigned a psychological and psychiatric examination.

According to preliminary data, after the birth of her second child, the woman began postpartum depression, but she did not seek help.

A Muscovite, who worked as a manager, met a visitor from Uzbekistan, a few months ago he received Russian citizenship. The man worked as a cook and fully provided for his family. After the wedding, the couple had a daughter, then a son. Their mother spent eight years on maternity leave. According to her, she was tired of raising children, and her husband allegedly did not help her and was constantly working. She eventually filed for divorce, and their marriage was dissolved in September. Nevertheless, the couple continued to live together.

“Her husband beat her. Brought to depression. Forbidden to communicate with everyone. Divorced and then pushed her to come back. She has no one. She was alone, apparently, it was difficult for her,”the acquaintance of the accused told the Telegram-channel Life Shot.

On November 17, it was reported that the bodies of two children born in 2015 and 2017 were found in a Moscow apartment in the northeast of the city by their father, while the mother was in an inadequate condition.

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