The Star Of "Kadetstvo" Elena Zakharova Continues To Hide Her Pregnancy?

The Star Of "Kadetstvo" Elena Zakharova Continues To Hide Her Pregnancy?
The Star Of "Kadetstvo" Elena Zakharova Continues To Hide Her Pregnancy?

Video: The Star Of "Kadetstvo" Elena Zakharova Continues To Hide Her Pregnancy?

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Rumors about the interesting position of Elena Zakharova began to circulate more actively. found out the details.


Seeing the star of "Kadetstvo" at one of the social events, the actress Alexandra Child began to congratulate her colleague on her pregnancy. Lena, noticing that others hear them, changed in her face. "Don't talk about it out loud!" - Zakharova was embarrassed.

"I believe that soon I will have everything!"

The star's concern is understandable: in her life she had to go through many serious trials. Several years ago, at one of the festivals, Zakharova met businessman Sergei Mamotov. Their relationship developed rapidly: soon they had a daughter, Anna-Maria. The 35-year-old star at that time was soaring with happiness. But family happiness ended in great tragedy: the daughter died in the ninth month of her life. The girl's temperature rose sharply, and she was admitted to intensive care. For five days the doctors fought for her life, but they could not save the child. Elena Zakharova still cannot talk about her pain, which still lives in her soul.

“I’m a believer,” the actress admits. - And the Bible says that despondency is the biggest sin! Yes, sometimes there is such a state that you just want to sit down and meow. But I force myself to hold on as I can, working on myself.

The actress broke up with Mamotov. He unexpectedly accused his wife of spreading the news of the loss of the child to journalists. After that, Zakharov does not like to talk about his personal life. She always comes to social events alone.

Changes in her figure were noticed back in June this year. Then the actress began to wear loose dresses, and in some photographs she covered her stomach with her hands. Zakharova left the direct question of our correspondents whether she really is in an interesting position unanswered.

- Each person is given everything differently, - says the actress. - We are not given to predict anything. I have something to strive for happiness. There is a corner that of course needs to be filled. Naturally, I dream of a family and children. I believe that soon I will have everything!

"I'm not a blue heroine!"

Despite her pregnancy, Zakharova does not leave her job. Now she is filming a new TV project called "To Each His Own". The artist never hid: from childhood she knew that she would become an actress. As a little girl, she spent a lot of time in dance classes, thanks to which she developed impeccable plasticity. And when after school it was time to choose a further path, Elena did not hesitate.

“It was still my mother’s dream,” the star smiles. - She herself in her youth wanted to build an acting career. But it so happened that I met my dad early, they got married. Of course, dad was totally against it. But, apparently, the dream passed on to me, and so I brought it to life.

Having entered the Shchukin school, student Zakharova quickly realized that she had chosen a difficult profession. And the teachers did not predict a dizzying career for her. But then they did not know that they were dealing with a very stubborn girl.

- I remember how our master of acting - the famous actress Valentina Petrovna Nikolaenko - hurt me, - continues Elena. - She said: “Zakharova, first you will play cute girls, and then charming grandmothers. You are a blue heroine. " She meant that I have such a gentle, romantic type. But I answer her: "I'm not a gay heroine, and I will prove it!" At the institute, I deliberately took acute roles, pored over them for a long time, but still played them. Since then I have developed flexibility as an actress.I can play both a positive and a negative role. Even in spite of the fact that when you play bad characters, it is very hard on your soul, because it is difficult to justify any actions of your heroine, but you have to do it.

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