Not A Bouquet-candy: How To Understand That A Couple In Love Is Ripe For Intimacy

Not A Bouquet-candy: How To Understand That A Couple In Love Is Ripe For Intimacy
Not A Bouquet-candy: How To Understand That A Couple In Love Is Ripe For Intimacy

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It is not the first day that you have met, and it seems that between you there is not just a spark, but a real fiery whirlwind of passions. Just the thought of a loved one throws you into a fever. But how to understand that the very cherished moment has come, when it is time to move on to decisive action? And most importantly, how not to be deceived, suddenly

waves of passion boil on only one side? Sexologist Vitaly AZUROV tells about this.

Everything was fine, the romance of dating, walking under the moon, until suddenly the fan blurted out: "To me or to you?" What is it - a cross on romance? There are some phrases that will definitely put a fat point on intimate relationships.

Expert commentary: “The transition to intimacy is a very delicate topic,” says Vitaly AZUROV, “they missed a little - and it already looks ridiculous, funny or vulgar. This happens when, for example, a man is afraid to hear a refusal, so he tries his best to disguise his shyness with grandiloquent phrases. Moreover, some of them simply enter into a stupor: "When will you and I break out?", Or: "How do you look at being naughty?" All further actions after such phrases will look like the fulfillment of the partners' agreement of intent, there is no smell of romance and passion here.

Not the best option and begging: "Would you like to invite for a cup of coffee?" Such requests automatically put one of the partners in the role of a child, but the second - almost in the role of a parent who is ready to give or not give the child candy. If the applicant is a representative of the stronger sex, then he automatically loses all his masculinity, causing pity, not lust. If in the position of the inviting woman, it is even worse. The suspicion may arise that, if so inviting, it means obsessive, easily accessible, “ready to lie down with everyone”.

Another anti-rating option is the promise of mountains of gold. For example, the gentleman declares that this night he will give the chosen one unearthly pleasure. Such false bragging will cause nothing but aggression. The partner seems to be selling himself and his skills to the buyer. By the way, a woman bragging about her sexual experience can also play the role of a "counter worker", and this obviously will not play any good for her. In society, such behavior is still classified more as depraved and immoral. Sex may happen, but the relationship will be ruined in the bud."


To set up a sequel date, you don't have to make up stories about a collection of films or paintings that you would like to show. There are much more reliable ways. The main thing is to be frank and not pretend to be a great seducer.

Commentary of a specialist: “As a rule, a man is most often involved in organizing an intimate date,” Vitaly AZUROV advises. - To make it clear that the current meeting can become closer, to hint at the upcoming night of love can be done in different ways. For example, drive up to the chosen one with a bouquet of flowers, say: "Can I steal you until morning?" Please note that this option is not at all suitable for a first or second date. If the intended meeting place is your apartment, then you can invite the lady to dinner, explaining in detail what you plan to cook. Well, if the task is to ask for a visit, then offer help, for example, resurrect a sconce or bring food. Then it will be a strong, not a pleading position. Well, the universal option is: "I would like to be alone, just you and me!" - it is quite appropriate for women as well.


In general, you can understand that a fireworks of emotions awaits you ahead, even without asking out loud. It is enough to carefully look at the behavior of your chosen one. His gestures, touches and eyes will be more eloquent than any words.

The specialist comments: “There are several signals that the partner is ready to move to a closer relationship,” Vitaly AZUROV shares his practice. - It's just that they differ in men and women.

A girl is clearly ready for intimacy if, firstly, she tries to touch her admirer. Nestles against him at the first opportunity, tilts his head close, trying to get closer to his face. It is important to consider the following: she not only tends to touch herself, but also does not repel the touch of the fan. Yields in hugs, does not remove his hand from the waist or knee. A passionate kiss can also say a lot, during which the girl does not interfere with the movements of her partner's hands.

With a man, things are a little more complicated. Even experiencing an unbridled desire, he can control himself to the last and hide him in every possible way, so as not to inadvertently frighten the chosen one. However, he will be given out by gestures, which, as you know, often reflect our even subconscious desires. So, for example, it is worth taking a closer look at the position of the gentleman's arms and legs during a conversation. With a woman who is arousing, the seducer will stand straight, with the torso turned, hips, and even the toes of shoes in her direction, all his attention will be focused on the lady. Hands are more likely to be in pockets or palms up when gesturing. Also, the interlocutor will try to shorten the distance, approaching as close as possible during the conversation.

And the main thing is, of course, the view according to which, if you have known each other for several days, you can read everything, as in an open book. A lustful man will constantly look at the lady, studying every centimeter of her body, trying to see what is under the clothes, just “devour” with his eyes. Moreover, the look can be languid and even slightly inadequate, the pupils are dilated. He will hardly avert his eyes from the girl he likes. In addition, your chosen one, experiencing sexual arousal, will change the timbre of his voice - it will become lower and deeper, measured, with a breath. This is due to hormones, which shorten the vocal cords during the period of lust."


Walking around the city in the evening and going to the cinema is a passed stage. You two are in the apartment. It seems that the purpose of your being here is completely obvious to both of you, but you do not know where to start, and deep down you doubt: maybe everything is not at all what it seems to you? And this dinner together is just dinner and nothing more?

Specialist comment: “You can, of course, go straight to action, but no matter how the situation disposed, the risk that you were deceived in your expectations always remains. Therefore, it is better to start with a conversation. Only very intimate, - Vitaly AZUROV suggests. - First, you need to ask consent for sex, and it is important to understand that you are looking for the goodwill of your partner. Therefore, instead of statements, use interrogative sentences: not “I want to caress you all night”, but “Will you like it if we kiss all night long?”. There are some more very “hot” phrases that precede intimacy: “Are you sure you are ready for this?”, Or: “Can I open the zipper on your jeans?”, “Will you like it if I kiss you here?”.

If the passion has already gripped you, you should not be silent, frankly tell about what you like, this will lead the second participant of the intimate date even more. For example, for women, the phrase "I want you to take me as quickly as possible." And for men - "Did you imagine how tightly I could squeeze your breasts and caress them?" However, during petting, pay attention to non-verbal cues as well. Body movements will tell you whether to continue.So, if during the foreplay your chosen one is tense, withdraws, restricts the movements of your hands, you should ask the question directly: "Can I continue?", "Do you really like it?" It is important here to feel this fine line between "not yet time" and the partner's tension, which may have arisen due to self-doubt. After all, if this is your first night, then the emotions mentioned are quite natural. But it's better to say everything directly."

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