Love Without Borders: A 23-year-old Couple Got Engaged A Month After They Met

Love Without Borders: A 23-year-old Couple Got Engaged A Month After They Met
Love Without Borders: A 23-year-old Couple Got Engaged A Month After They Met

Video: Love Without Borders: A 23-year-old Couple Got Engaged A Month After They Met

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All ages are submissive to love, and 27-year-old Sarai Serface realized this when she met 50-year-old Joel on the Bumble app. The spectacular girl immediately felt that she had met the man of her life, and the significant age difference did not frighten her. Joel at first thought that the beauty would soon leave him, but then he realized that the girl's feelings were sincere. The couple got engaged just a month after they met, and three months later the lovers got married. Read an unusual love story in our material. Saray Surface, 27, moved from Colorado to Denver and decided to sign up on the dating app Bumble to find love. After there was no worthy one among the guys of her age, she decided to pay attention to older men. So the girl met 50-year-old Joel, who lived a 30-minute walk from her house.


Having started to communicate, they immediately felt a special connection, and after a few days of correspondence and talking on the phone, they realized that they had fallen in love with each other. After the first date, the couple decided not to part anymore.

The girl says that in her beloved, she was attracted by courage, fortitude, a thirst for adventure and empathy. After a month of meetings, in April 2019, they got the same infinity tattoos to express their devotion to each other. Soon after, Joel proposed to Sarai.

On November 11, 2019, the lovers decided to capture their engagement by getting a tattoo with the number 222 on their ring fingers. Three months later, on February 22, 2020, they got married in Jamaica.

Sarai's parents, who are 53 years old, were at first skeptical about the choice of their daughter, but over time they accepted their son-in-law and made friends with him.

The American says she's crazy about her husband. She is in love with his voice, character and appearance. Some people think that the man pays her for sex, some that they are father and daughter. And once a stranger even asked Joel where he "bought" this girl. Despite the negative reactions of others, the newlyweds declare that their love will last forever.

Barn receives messages on Instagram stating that their relationship is "predatory." Many believe that she is dating a rich daddy for money. The girl defends her choice and says that people need to go beyond stereotypes, because of such judgments, you can lose the love of your life.

Joel admits that he did not expect a long relationship with his beloved because of the big age difference. He was pleasantly surprised by Sarai's maturity and openness. The American says that older women are usually more strict and restrained, and his beloved is "a breath of fresh air."

The man fell in love with Sarai at first sight. In addition to being very beautiful, the girl is also smart, energetic, compassionate, cheerful and charming. The couple did not want the first date to end, so they never parted.

At first Joel was worried that for a young lover he would be only a passing stage, but then he realized that his feelings were mutual. He really likes that Saray is constantly striving for self-improvement.

The biggest challenge for the man was that in his traditional business environment, young people or those who are different from others are usually not accepted. His family did not immediately accept Sarai. Nevertheless, Joel is confident that over time, his relatives will understand how strong and passionate he has with his wife.

The couple wants to prove that true love can go beyond conservative views. They are happy together and hope to carry this feeling throughout their lives.

The big age difference between lovers continues to amaze society.The frank confession of a British pensioner about a hot relationship with a young Egyptian lover blew up the Web. The couple, 45 years apart, claims that they have real feelings for each other.

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