Love At Second Sight: Celebrities Who Married Their Friends

Love At Second Sight: Celebrities Who Married Their Friends
Love At Second Sight: Celebrities Who Married Their Friends

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Friendship between a man and a woman exists - however, it can grow into something more, as the experience of our celebrities shows. recalls the stories of artists who fell in love and got married after years of friendship. Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya The gymnast and the comedian got to know each other in absentia, thanks to television, and later met on the set of Comedy Club, where Laysan came with her mother as a guest. The athlete does not remember the first personal conversation with Volya: "It was as if we always knew each other." For three years, celebrities were friends, experiencing mutual tender sympathy, occasionally communicating face-to-face and were not interested in each other's personal lives. How did friendship grow into love? Eyes were opened, explains Utyasheva. The man and woman did not advertise the incipient relationship, but they did not hide it either: they went shopping, visited theaters, walked by the hand and never got into the lens of the paparazzi. In September 2012, Pavel and Laysan got married - quietly, without limousines, celebrations and wedding dresses, and now they are raising two children - son Robert and daughter Sofia. Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov In this pair, the speech about love from the first or even from the tenth glance does not go: before falling in love, the artists had known each other for about five years. And moreover - Kovalchuk suspected her future spouse of gay! "They discussed it with their girlfriends. Apparently, because of the image that they created for me then. Such a" well-fed cat ", - laughs Chumakov. Creativity brought the artists closer together: communication behind the scenes of the show" Dancing on Ice ", mutual invitations to solo concerts. After one of the events, Yulia and Alexey went to a restaurant to celebrate their successful performance, where they felt the very same "chemistry". Quite quickly, the lovers began to live together, but they were in no hurry with the wedding, having arranged a magnificent celebration in Spain only six years later. And last year they became parents for the first time - a long-awaited daughter was born in their family.


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Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky The future spouses met ten years ago, on the Star Factory project. True, then they called each other brother and sister and had little in common: she is a rebel with tattoos and a bright make-up, performing rock, he is a long-haired soloist of a boy's duet with lyric songs in the repertoire. The show ended, the communication ended - the roads of Rita and Vlad parted. But not forever. A few years later, the ex-manufacturers met at a private party and did not recognize each other: Dakota turned into a feminine lady, Sokolovsky - into a brutal man. “The spark that arose between us was felt by all those present at the physical level. From that evening we never parted,” the singer recalls. The lovers moved in, cooked dinners together, wrote texts at night, got a cat and traveled a lot - during one of their trips, Dakota heard the cherished "Become my wife".

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Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Nesterov After a painful divorce from her first husband, the artist avoided romantic relationships. Therefore, the actor Alexander Nesterov, whom Nonna met at a children's play, interested her only as a friend. "In a friendly way" the man and woman even flew on vacation to Thailand. “Then several men tried to get me and called me to rest, but I didn’t want a relationship, and I knew with Sasha that nothing would happen,” explains Grishaeva. The trip turned out to be fateful: at the resort, Grishaeva and Nesterov looked at each other differently, and the actress felt "how her female chakras vibrated."Upon returning home, Alexander asked for the hand of the chosen one from her daughter Nastya. The wedding was played in 2006 in Prague, and at the end of the year the couple had a common son, Ilya.

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Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats Before the wedding, the TV presenters managed not only to make friends, but also to survive a fleeting romance - all thanks to KVN. Tatiana played for the Novosibirsk team, Mikhail - for the Leningrad national team. The artists went with performances to the cities of the USSR and rested - also together, in the company of humorists. During a cruise on the Black Sea, feelings flared up between Tatiana and Mikhail. True, the love story quickly ended as soon as the couple returned to port. Lazareva, being married at that time, quickly forgot about the affair, but Schatz decided to seek the reciprocity of the chosen one. And once on Tatyana's birthday he openly confessed his feelings: “You are a fool, Lazareva. I love you, and I don't care whether you love me or not. I just want you to know that I will love you forever. " That evening, everything turned upside down - after a month and a half, the future spouses began to live together, and in the late 90s they got married.

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