Why Did Borodin And Zhuzha Quarrel

Why Did Borodin And Zhuzha Quarrel
Why Did Borodin And Zhuzha Quarrel

Video: Why Did Borodin And Zhuzha Quarrel

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Ksenia Borodina and her once best friend Katya Zhuzha continue to publicly sort things out. This conflict is not only watched by fans of the reality show "Dom-2", because at stake is the question - is there really no female friendship?


Recall that Ksenia Borodina and Katya Zhuzha were closer to each other than sisters. The girls supported each other, went shopping and rest together. However, then a cat ran between them. Ksenia Borodina was the first to talk about what caused the cause in her microblog.

“She really wanted to get on TV and live my life. I helped with pleasure, because I am always open to friends. But in my opinion, when you are friends, you give your best 100%. And the man eventually decided to jump over my head, put a crown on my head, and began to point. She said: “I want a villa like Borodina's. Both salary and advertising. " A person has too many show-offs, for which in the end she paid."

Borodin and Zhuzha with friends

After the appearance of this post, Katya Zhazhu remained silent for several days. However, she then erupted in a long tirade in response.

"The people who were there and chose not to share with you success, fall, sorrow, or joy, you must be able to thank for their good. Well, they were friends. Well, they stopped. So what. It's neither bad nor good. And the dumbest thing that can be solved is to continue playing this verbal ping-pong. In short, women. I loved you. And somewhere I continue to love. It was cool with you I thank my ex-girlfriend for transferring 100 rubles to me on the card when I needed it. That "supported" me, my daughter, the dog and the dog of the dog."

However, Zhuzha's fans came to the conclusion that she does not end her friendship with Borodina. Otherwise, what are these words for?

"It is important for me to continue. And if fate decides that in 5 or 20 years, fate will offer to sit at the same table with you, and I will understand that I am cool with you again, I will sit down."

What do you think - female friendship exists?

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