The Fourth Wife Of Gostyukhin: "Volodya's Ladies Bite Their Elbows That They Missed Him"

The Fourth Wife Of Gostyukhin: "Volodya's Ladies Bite Their Elbows That They Missed Him"
The Fourth Wife Of Gostyukhin: "Volodya's Ladies Bite Their Elbows That They Missed Him"

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Actor, director and "honorary trucker" Vladimir Gostyukhin, who calls himself a "Russian Belarusian" (born in Sverdlovsk, studied in Moscow, and lives in Minsk), spent almost the entire last year as a recluse with his wife at their dacha - on the border of Belarus with Lithuania. There, on a huge plot, there are two large wooden houses - the master's and the guest's. There is also a bathhouse and beautiful gazebos on the high bank of Lake Bolduk. But on the eve of his 75th anniversary (his People's Artist will celebrate March 10), he rushed off to the long-awaited shooting in Evpatoria. And his wife - the actress Alla Prolich, so as not to get bored, whispered about her own, about the woman's with a reporter from Express Gazeta.


- Volodya did not act in film for a year. I gladly accepted a good offer and flew to Evpatoria, - Alla Grigorievna sighed. - In general, I myself do not like to celebrate birthdays. But, probably, this is wrong: you need to thank life for the fact that it was born. For me, a holiday is always a work: to follow everything, cover it, meet guests. My husband and I are hospitable. He, of course, worries that everyone is comfortable and warm.

Several years ago Volodya presented a Toyota Corolla car for my birthday. Although at first I was categorically against it. I was afraid to let me drive. But I won: now I ride and rejoice.

In addition to the house, we have an apartment in Minsk. We bought it, and before that we lived in a hostel. His housing, which was allocated to Vladimir Vasilyevich by the state, he left his ex-wife and daughter.

- For Gostyukhin, marriage with you is the fourth, and you are married again?

- First. And your husband, you are right, has the fourth. First, he went to the registry office in GITIS. But there it all ended quickly. From his second wife Zinaida, Volodya has a daughter, Irina, she is already 48 years old. She has her own heiress - Milena, a schoolgirl. From the third wife Svetlana - daughter Margarita, she is 38 years old. And Volodya also has an illegitimate daughter, Alexander. She is 35 years old. Lives in the USA. Just recently she got married. I do not communicate with Volodya's wives, but keep in touch with my daughters. His eldest, Irina, calls his father especially often. And of course he visits us. I think that many of Volodya's ladies then bit their elbows that they divorced, let him go, did not keep such a man. And we have been married since 2000. No children, God did not give. I didn't even think about IVF, a surrogate mother, although I don't blame anyone.

- Did you grow up in Minsk?

- No, I'm a village Belarusian girl. She studied in Bobruisk, then worked at the Brest Puppet Theater. Then she entered the Yaroslavl Theater School. And now I have been serving in the theater for almost 30 years in Minsk. I am an Honored Artist of Belarus. It is clear that my “popularity” and my husband's are completely different. Volodya is an incredible talent, a diamond of the screen and stage. And I don't do much in films. I worked a little with my husband in Truckers. In the film "Stepfather". Well, in a few more pictures. And the main thing is that my husband and I have been playing for two decades in the play "My dear one", which, in fact, brought us closer together.

- Do you feel the 20-year age difference?

- Marriage between peers, of course, is more organic. These are, so to speak, people from the same sandbox. But this is how it worked out for us, we are happy and happy. We have never experienced any difficulties in communication. For me, the most important thing is my husband's health. That he is dressed, shod, clean and tidy. However, at 75 he is cheerful and just fine! We are all getting old, and I am 55 years old too, you must agree, age. When my husband calls me every day and reports on his day, and I tell him about mine, he now began to address me "Alla Grigorievna." And I understand - this is my dearest and most beloved person, we respect and appreciate each other immensely.

- And the feelings are not extinguished? Are you jealous?

- Earlier, probably, they were jealous. But not now. Personally, I don’t give reasons.There are, of course, outbursts of feelings during a long time of marriage, but in no case should you betray each other. For me, marriage with Volodya is the first and the last. Of course, no one is safe from anything, but I really hope so.

The trucker's daughter married a black man

The very illegitimate daughter of Gostyukhin, Alexandra, or Asya, who, according to Alla Prolich, recently married in the United States, bears the name of her mother - journalist Tatyana Gorbacheva.

“I met her mother in Moscow, during a crisis in relations with my wife Sveta,” Gostyukhin himself told the Express newspaper. - Then I started different novels, for example, with the Yugoslav actress Ivanka. And Tanya came to interview for the RTR channel, where she worked then. Daughter Asya followed in her footsteps - graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University

As we managed to find out, after the institute, the girl became interested in music, took the pseudonym DJ Sandra, was the star of the fashionable clubs "Solyanka" and "Simachev". She has hosted nightlife parties all over the country, toured, promoted Italodisko and electropop. In 2012, when American DJ Sakhir Umar arrived in Moscow, she began an affair with him and moved to the United States with him. The couple rents an apartment in New York.

Black Sakhir, Sasha's new husband, is the nephew of a famous producer nicknamed Afrika Islam, one of the founders of hip-hop, the author of the first platinum records of rapper Ice-T. Now Gorbacheva and Umar have a joint audiovisual project.

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