12 Sex Questions Every Couple Should Discuss

12 Sex Questions Every Couple Should Discuss
12 Sex Questions Every Couple Should Discuss

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We are ready to discuss everything in the world with our beloved man - school grades of children, food prices, film premieres and news. But, as soon as it comes to sex, many seem to lose their voice. But in vain! Each couple should discuss these issues - and better late than never at all.


1. Sex - what do you both think about it?

Of course, this is a very philosophical question, but for different people sex can mean completely different: it would be nice to clarify what you both think about it. Is this a way to show love and affection for each other? A symbol of intimacy and affection? Is your main goal to conceive a child? Sharing energy? Do you want to regularly receive emotional and physical relaxation after a hard day? Experiment? Or all at once?

2. Feedback

A truly intimate relationship involves mutual trust and respect for the needs of the other. But it is equally important to agree on the sincerity and delicacy in the expression of "feedback and suggestions."

A man who is in the dark about your true desires is unlikely to be able to satisfy them, and if you say this not softly enough, he also risks getting psychological trauma. You are unlikely to be able to hide your dissatisfaction for a long time if you do not reach orgasm, sooner or later negative emotions will find a way out. Agree to tell each other about these things carefully so as not to hurt your partner's feelings.

3. What if you don't feel like it?

It often happens that the temperament and sexual needs of the spouses do not match. Even if your couple is now in perfect harmony, discuss your expectations and talk about what you will do to avoid conflicts. Agree to meet each other halfway and seek a compromise. 7 things that can ruin your intimate life.

4. Your sexy schedule

Talk about how often you are both willing to make love. Do you like it when it happens spontaneously, or do you prefer to literally put sex on the family schedule and follow it? This question will help to avoid misunderstandings and resentments.

5. Ideas, desires and fantasies

Being able to talk frankly about what you would like in bed is a sign of a trusting relationship in a couple. But maybe you are more comfortable not to report it directly, in words, but to do it somehow differently - write a letter, use sign language, or, say, show your beloved a film on this topic.

6. Your boundaries

The willingness to experiment and the range of what is acceptable are very subtle concepts. Be sure to talk about where each of you has the "red line" of innovation: what you definitely like, what you are ready to try, and without the implementation of which ideas you can do well. And, of course, all experiments are only by mutual consent!

7. Your "love language"

Even if both of you prefer to act rather than chat in bed, you can't do without words at all. But "stylistic" inconsistencies in bed conversations, by the way, can greatly reduce the degree of passion (if the terms cause laughter or irritation), so it is better to agree in advance about what and what your name is.

8. Contraception

Discuss methods of protection and find one that both works effectively and is completely comfortable for both of you. And by the way, what will you do if an unplanned pregnancy happens?

9. Is there sex in a fight?

Many couples believe that making love in the immediate aftermath of a scandal will greatly diversify their sex life: a stormy reconciliation gives more vivid feelings. And for some, sex against the background of unresolved problems is unacceptable - it will not bring any pleasure and will spoil the mood completely.To avoid misunderstandings, make sure you and your husband find common ground on this issue.

10. Games and toys

On the one hand, erotic outfits and "technical means" can add some variety to the usual sexual life. On the other hand, some husbands, by the way, are seriously offended when they find a mechanical "rival" in the wife's nightstand, and if you suddenly dress up in a seductive stewardess costume without finding out whether your husband is interested, you risk getting an evening of humor instead of a night of passion. It takes two to play well: Talking about the topic will help make sure both of you are ready for fun and adult shopping.

11. Your complexes

Probably, there is not a single woman who is 100% satisfied with her body and confident in her sexuality (even if her husband is convinced that she is perfect). But limiting your bedding repertoire just because you're worried about looking good will not improve your marriage. A man does not know that you are ashamed of your replenished hips or stretch marks, your excessive restraint will tell him only that you do not like him and his actions. And the husband, of course, also sometimes feels "not up to par" - for various reasons. It is better to tell each other frankly about what you both do not like about yourself and what you are ashamed or afraid of - then there are much more chances to cope with this problem.

12. When there is no sex

It happens that sex disappears from the life of a couple for a long time. It is not so important whether it happened suddenly or gradually, it is worth finding out: why, does it suit everyone (yes, it happens) and what to do? As a rule, there is an objective reason for its absence: poor health or a course of treatment, constant fatigue or depressed mood, resentment towards a partner or even suspicion of cheating. In any case, you need to have a sincere conversation, together to look for the cause and decide what can be done to correct the situation - perhaps with the help of a psychologist or sexologist.

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