Polyandry In A Caucasian Way. Mother Of Two Children Married A Friend Of Her Husband

Polyandry In A Caucasian Way. Mother Of Two Children Married A Friend Of Her Husband
Polyandry In A Caucasian Way. Mother Of Two Children Married A Friend Of Her Husband

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Blue lenses, a bit of a spy on the lips and a hijab - this set, unpretentious in the modern world, helped the mother of two children from Ingushetia transform so much that she set a kind of record: she became the first woman in the Caucasus with two official husbands.


Imaginary girlfriend

The history that rocked the entire Caucasus became public knowledge in mid-January, however, when exactly it happened, it is difficult to say with certainty. According to the stories of the heroine's relatives and her friends, the local media reconstructed the events as follows.

The fate of a mother of two children from the small Ingush village of Plievo was quite standard: a house in the village, her husband, children. But, apparently, the girl wanted to experiment. She enlarged her lips, inserted blue lenses into her eyes, and tightened her hijab. Her goal was to become unrecognizable in order to marry one more time - so to speak, with a living husband. The new chosen one was a friend of her husband.

Moreover, the first husband did not even suspect about anything, and even without knowing it, he found a gentleman for his wife. The heroine of the story carefully developed her plan, and did preparatory work with her husband. The girl said that she allegedly has an orphan friend, with whom they are very similar. This acquaintance, the wife complained to her husband, cannot find herself a life partner in any way.

After that, the mother of two children asked to introduce her imaginary friend to her husband's real friend and even gave a phone number where they could contact. The number, of course, belonged to the only real woman in the story.

It's a fiasco, sister

The girl's plan seemed to work. The correspondence between a married lady and a friend of her husband's lasted for several months. It was going to the wedding. The couple planned a celebration, and the girl also planned an escape from home.

She invented a new plot twist and a new heroine: her aunt fell seriously ill, and she urgently needed help. The wife told her husband that she was forced to go to a relative. And she really left.

Enlarging her lips, inserting blue lenses and putting on a hijab, she went out to the guests, relatives and her new husband. The first spouse, of course, was also at the celebration - well, how can you miss your best friend's wedding.

The failure of a married bride happened in the late afternoon: her first husband began to look for her. The girl did not answer the calls, the wedding guests were agitated. In the wake of panic, the sister discovered a missing relative in the bride. She was returned home.

Is the husband to blame?

After the wedding scandal, which, according to local customs, became a shame for the participants in the story, a family gathering of the “actress's” relatives took place in the village of Plievo.

Men from the Ozdoev family came to the conclusion that the girl was not guilty of what happened, because before marriage she was well-mannered and well-behaved.

“Such an act is considered abnormal not only among our nationality and ethnic group. This is a strange situation altogether. A girl with a family marries another person. This behavior is immoral. And how you can live in two families - it doesn’t fit in my head at all. Even logically,”said Dzhambulat Ozdoev in an interview with the“360”TV channel.

In addition, the Ozdoevs even turned to the head of the republic, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, and asked "to save the Ingush from complete lawlessness."

“Before marrying someone off here, people ask around, take an interest. There was such a phenomenon that I admit in this case - this is abduction. That is, when young people decide everything themselves. But then it all went publicly, the wedding was going in the best traditions.Didn't the relatives ask anything and didn't know about the girl? We need to find out why they treated marriage so superficially,”said Mukharbek Dikazhiev, chairman of the People's Assembly of Ingushetia.

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