Love For Yourself And Your Life Is The Key To Success

Love For Yourself And Your Life Is The Key To Success
Love For Yourself And Your Life Is The Key To Success

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Essan, spiritual teacher, author of the modern system of knowledge about the World and man, chemical technologist, certified coach, has been researching the phenomenon of love for more than 30 years


It all started when I decided to change jobs. She bothered me. I wanted to explore myself and my life, not chemical compounds. Where is my Soul? Why do they talk about her, but no one sees her? Am I just a biological genetic machine or am I something more?

I went in search of myself and my love. For this I needed to accomplish a feat. First of all, I figured out my name. I, like you, entered earthly life through birth. My parents gave me the name Alexander. They loved me in their own way and raised me. They gave me the opportunity to become a chemical engineer.

At 43, I learned my heavenly name. My name is Essan. It was given to me by God. Under the vibration of this name, I was created as a person. Today I respond to this name to a greater extent than to the name Alexander. Through active training in parapsychology, I discovered God. He creates a person for love, joy and creativity.

“My God, I was made for love. I can truly love. But who am I? I do not remember anything. How can I sort out the confusing earthly life. My God, I want to know myself and my life. Please, please, become my teacher. I want to hear from your lips the truth about what a person is. I am ready to watch and see. Listen and hear. I am ready to communicate with you without intermediaries"

An understanding came to me that the human Soul can be divided into two parts: male and female. The bearer of one part of the Soul is a man. The bearer of the other part of the Soul is a woman. Therefore, a man and a woman created by God for each other are in search. They want integrity. They want to become human.

Divine triangle and the mystery of love

At the apex of the triangle is God. God is a person who created you personally. You were created in an atmosphere of love and for love. And therefore, today you are the source of love within the universe. You fill her with your love. You will find your love in the center of your Soul.

At the base of the triangle are a man and a woman. They look at each other. An informational connection arises between them, which can be felt. Love begins when a man and a woman, created for each other by God, begin to exchange pieces of fire shining in the center of the Soul. This is the fire of love.

Passing the fire of love to each other, a man and a woman confess their love to each other every moment. Therefore, love is a process of the fire of love flowing from the male Soul to the female and vice versa. This process can only take place within a person. A man and a woman, created by God for each other, can truly love each other.

Man and woman have the opportunity to communicate with God without intermediaries. They ask him questions and get answers from him. I am grateful to God that he revealed to me the secret of love. I understood and realized that I needed to find my half. But how to do this when billions of women live with me on the planet?

Love for yourself and life

God helped me find my half. We live together now. We are husband and wife. We fully feel that we are human. The name of my half of Salt. She came to me as a teacher. I explained to her the phenomenon of love. She allowed herself a new look at herself and her life.

For a long time we could not accept the fact that we are half in relation to each other. Nine years after meeting and active communication at consultations and in cafes, we decided to enter into a life together. We accepted the truth and did not resist it. We realized that we were created by God for each other.

We love ourselves and life. This love exists as a light within us.We found love in its entirety in our Consciousness. We made another discovery. Consciousness is not a function of the brain. It is, like a Soul, created by God and is a set of our personal qualities. Soul and Consciousness are created by God in heaven, that is, on other levels of Being.

Successful life

Each of us understands success differently. For some it means a lot of money, a house, a summer residence and a new car. For some, it is the generation of new ideas that change life on Earth. In my understanding, success is the fulfillment of the task that God has set for you. In particular, it is a task of correcting mistakes that we have made in the past. The time has come for reconciliation with those whom we have offended and humiliated in other lives.

Together with my half of Soleil, I, Essan, have created a modern system of knowledge about the World and man, which allows you to find an answer to any question. We know how the World works. We know how a person works. And today we share with you our understanding of love and life.

Instead of an afterword

Finding myself in Leningrad at the age of 17, I plunged headlong into the study of chemistry in all its manifestations. And when they tell me today that love must be sought within the flesh, I shrug my shoulders slightly and answer: “Inside the flesh you will find your so-called physiological love. This is not love. These are your internal hormonal responses to who you want to be in a relationship with. You will find true love for your half, for yourself and life in your Consciousness."

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