A Man Wants A Woman: What Sex Has Become In The 21st Century

A Man Wants A Woman: What Sex Has Become In The 21st Century
A Man Wants A Woman: What Sex Has Become In The 21st Century

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A man wants to have sex with a woman. It would seem that what could be more natural?


He likes her body. It excites him. It's simple. It's okay to want a woman.

Shot from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Not really. As one famous hero of the series used to say: "We are not some kind of hippies." We now have sex culture, sex education, sex tolerance, sex feminism and all that stuff. We are now all so adequate, well-mannered, advanced. We don't stare at women in the neckline, because: "women are not sex slaves." Before having sex directly, we exchange comments about personal preferences. You can't go there. Here - it is better easier. But when it is so, then it can be stronger.

Sex is hard now. A hand on a woman's head during a blowjob infringes on her rights and freedoms. And a man, before taking the initiative and indicating his desire to have sex with a woman, needs to think carefully about everything. After all, it may look like harassment or something else.

Men and their desires are now under control. Do you want a woman? Think with your head, not something in your pants.

Sounds boring, right? It seems like sex is dead. There is no this riot of natural instinct. This sex culture of the late 20th century, shouting from every corner: “Everything is possible! Try everything! " There is no euphoria that your desires and your sexual fantasies are able to unfold at any time and in any form.

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And it is true. Sex went into circulation and ceased to be relevant. He was squeezed into frames and rules. A cliché was hung on it and each of us was given boring instructions for use. But this does not mean that he is dead and a man should no longer want a woman. This means exactly what I have already said: "If you want a woman - think with your head!"

Turn on your brain! Engage your most powerful and most sensitive organ.

Sex has not died, it has evolved. Now in the 21st century you can do anything and with anyone. It's just that now it's not a social phenomenon, but a personal story. Do you want a woman? Please, here are dozens of apps and sites. Any options and any form of communication. Do you want something special? Not a problem either. Private clubs and sex parties are the norm in the big city.

Now there is no more need to run after everything, you can choose something specifically for yourself. Sex is now a hobby group. You want to eat the whole cake, but you want to break off a piece. You want with or without cream. Chocolate or vanilla. Choose yours and enjoy.

Controlling desires is not evil. On the contrary, it allows you to better understand what you need. Remove unnecessary things and concentrate on something worthwhile. For example, find the very partner who wants to experience the same with you as you do with her. Assemble your sex puzzle. It is now valuable. This is not exchanged left and right.

It's like playing poker. If earlier you were content with low pairs from the distribution, now you are looking for stronger combinations. We are all enlightened now. Generation of Google, information age and all that. We know everything about sex. All forms, all postures, all techniques, all attributes. You just need to collect your combination and have fun.

This is how a man wants a woman now. No more sex with just anyone, sex for sex and for banal satisfaction. The man now makes an informed individual choice based on personal preference. Sex intelligence is what drives a man now.

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