The Reasons For The Craving Of People For Secret Connections Are Named

The Reasons For The Craving Of People For Secret Connections Are Named
The Reasons For The Craving Of People For Secret Connections Are Named

Some of us have come across such couples who preferred to hide their relationship from others for a long time. In public, they behaved as if they were good friends to each other, but being alone Such behavior, especially when there is essentially no need to hide the relationship, sometimes causes bewilderment of loved ones. Psychology doctor Madeleine Furet, an expert at Psychology Today, found three explanations for this.

1. New partner

When couples keep their sexual intimacy a secret, most often they are in a new relationship with a new person, writes the psychologist. Sexual satisfaction peaks during the first year of a relationship and declines steadily thereafter, studies have shown. Therefore, the excitement from secret sex may actually be due precisely to the fact that you have a new partner.

2. Fear of being discovered

When we try to keep our relationship a secret, fear of being discovered can heighten our sexual experiences.

The effect of fear on sex drive was investigated back in 1974. During the experiment, subjects who experienced any kind of fear or serious apprehension (they were crossing a wobbly bridge or expecting painful electric shocks) found their interlocutors more attractive. In fact, fear and anxiety intensified their intimate feelings and attraction.

The publication notes that any type of physiological arousal can enhance the feeling of closeness. Therefore, the heart excitement that a person experiences at the thought that his secret connection will be exposed increases sexual desire. That being said, it can be important that you only share this important secret with one person.

3. Sharing secrets increases intimacy

We're more likely to share secrets with those we are close to, but sharing secrets can make us feel even closer to each other. Psychological research on this topic has shown that sharing intimate secrets promotes sympathy between strangers.

Sharing secrets can also help increase relationship satisfaction in a couple. The exchange of secrets of a sexual nature acts especially strongly on intimate attraction.

All the secret will always become apparent someday, so hurry up to enjoy your main secret while you have it. And don't forget to share this article with your secret love.