How To Understand That A Man Will Definitely Not Become A Tyrant

How To Understand That A Man Will Definitely Not Become A Tyrant
How To Understand That A Man Will Definitely Not Become A Tyrant

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Few people dream of becoming a victim of a tyrant guy, but for some reason, in reality, not so few girls become them. So is it possible to understand in advance that it is better not to mess with a guy, and how to do it?


Indeed, very few men are ready to openly admit that I am a tyrant at an early stage of a relationship. Most of them successfully hide this fact. They can be the soul of any company, charming, driving girls crazy - for the time being. Then, deciding that their companion will not go anywhere, they finally take off their mask - but in most cases it becomes really "late" - the victim "got caught" and stays with him, no matter how badly he behaves. Someone turns out to be "tied" by marriage or even joint children, someone - by love, someone simply falls into emotional dependence. How to break off such a relationship is in the next article, but for now, let's figure out how to avoid such a turn of events.

So, the main thing to understand is that the tyrant longs for power and complete control over the victim. This is an owner who puts his interests above the interests of others, and requires unquestioning obedience, recognition of the fidelity of all his ideas, regardless of how adequate they are in reality. Often tyrants are people with a huge number of complexes and problems, trying to assert themselves at the expense of others - however, do not be deceived, this does not make them more susceptible to adequate arguments and "education with love" from the partner.

This desire for domination can be manifested in the fact that a man will try to express his "authoritative" opinion on almost all issues - sometimes even on those that go beyond his interests and / or fall within the competence of the interlocutor.

In addition, male tyrants are usually jealous - and if at first they do not throw up scandals, the tendency to keep a potential victim nearby, as if not wanting to share it with anyone, the desire to know everything about what she is doing while he is away near, can become an alarming circumstance. Constant inquiries about friends, attempts to influence relations with them or with family - here too.

Another reason to seriously think about it can be obsessive "care" on the part of a man, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity - under this cover may hide the tyrant's desire to restrict the freedom of the victim, plunge her into dependence. However, both the presence and absence of this sign by itself, out of context, still does not mean anything: just as a man who clumsily shows his love can surround his chosen one with excessive care, a real tyrant can classify the latter as a “calf tenderness ", unnecessary and" corrupting "a woman.

You should also take a closer look at how he behaves with friends and family, how much he respects other people's desires and views on certain issues. If he withdraws into himself when something goes according to his scenario, or if those around him prefer to concede to him or agree with him in almost everything, perhaps this indicates the presence in a man of the makings of a tyrant.

The set of features does not have to completely coincide with the one described above: just a couple (or even one) items may be quite enough. The main thing to pay attention to is a man's willingness to compromise, respect for your opinion and your decisions, and the absence of attempts to limit your freedom in one way or another.

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