How To Part With A Partner Correctly So As Not To Make An Enemy For Yourself

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How To Part With A Partner Correctly So As Not To Make An Enemy For Yourself
How To Part With A Partner Correctly So As Not To Make An Enemy For Yourself

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If you do not want to make an enemy for yourself and become the object of cruel jokes, gossip and gossip for the rest of your life, then try not to give vent to emotions and act wisely when the time comes to end your relationship. Psychologists assure that from how you part with your partner, you can draw certain conclusions and say a lot about your character. How to put an end to it and avoid problems - in the material

Find a ridiculous excuse and leave your partner at a loss

Try not to turn your breakup into a farce and not make ridiculous excuses that can leave your chosen one wondering if everything is okay with you if you allow yourself such tricks. And refrain from phrases “you will definitely meet the best woman” or “I can’t trust you, therefore we are not on the way”, better be honest and say everything as it is.

Leave in English without saying goodbye

Psychologists advise not to succumb to the temptation to simply disappear from the field of vision of your chosen one, without really explaining anything. It is very difficult psychologically, unpleasant and simply ugly in relation to a person with whom you were connected by something quite recently. Try not to hurt your partner (otherwise, it may come back to you in a new relationship), find the strength to explain yourself and part as painlessly.

To voice a hundred reasons, the essence of which boils down to one thing - you are not worthy of it

If for some reason you decide to part with a person, then you should not come up with a hundred ridiculous excuses, the essence of which boils down to the fact that you are not worthy of him, because it looks like mockery and will annoy your partner even more. In order not to take it to the extreme and not turn the former chosen one against yourself, then just honestly voice your position, why exactly you wanted to end the relationship.

Blame the chosen one for everything

Instead of calmly discussing everything with your partner and dotting the i's, lashing out at him with ridiculous accusations is a so-so idea that will eventually work against you. In the end, you will be considered a bitch and will ruin your life at every opportunity. If this scenario does not suit you, then try not to lose your temper and do not give vent to emotions if you decide to end the relationship and start a new life with someone else.

Have a new romance without having dealt with your previous relationship

Treason and betrayal (and starting a relationship with a new gentleman, without having dealt with the previous one, can be regarded as such) will not in the best way affect your reputation, and you risk forever being left in the memory of your chosen one as a deceiver who does not deserve a good relationship, about which you can dissolve gossip and turn others against. Therefore, if you have one circle of communication, then try not to allow such mistakes and part with the chosen one, with whom you have many pleasant moments, and only then switch to someone else.

Give yourself time to accept and reload

Do not rush immediately into the pool with your head, as soon as your romance is over. Give yourself time to realize everything and figure out where to go next (perhaps you decide to give yourself a break and switch to yourself and your needs for a while). Psychologists say that such a respite is needed precisely in order for you to remember your own goals and desires, for which, perhaps, there was neither time nor energy while you were in a relationship. Therefore, do not rush to get involved again in the maelstrom of passions, especially since from the outside it will seem as if you were just waiting to find a replacement for your chosen one as soon as possible, or even spinning novels behind him.In any case, you will remain an unpleasant and treacherous person in the eyes of others.

Do not close yourself off from new relationships

The other extreme is to shy away from the stronger sex after a painful breakup. It is clear that in this way you are trying to protect yourself and avoid new unpleasant moments if the story suddenly ends on the same note, however, according to psychologists, you should not run away from feelings if someone worthy suddenly appears on the horizon. Otherwise, your "ex" will decide that no one besides him will be interested in you and will convey this idea to mutual acquaintances with enviable regularity. Therefore, do not rush to give him a reason and do not ignore those who can make you truly happy.

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