Tantric Sex: The Basics For Beginners

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Tantric Sex: The Basics For Beginners
Tantric Sex: The Basics For Beginners

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What is tantric sex, what is its meaning and how to prepare yourself and your partner for it? Sharing basic knowledge about this experience.

1. What is Tantric Sex?

In order to try something new, it is worth learning more about it. So, tantric sex is primarily an ancient eastern spiritual practice. The essence is not in the result, that is, the achievement of orgasm, but in the process itself. The goal is to merge male and female energies (Shiva and Shakti) together for maximum enlightenment and a new level of intimacy with your partner, and orgasm is the highest point of spiritual consciousness. Do not be afraid that you may not succeed: the process of sexual intercourse itself can take from 15 minutes for beginners, and for experienced people it can last about 2-3 hours.

2. Discuss it with your partner

Tantric sex is worth trying with someone with whom you have a serious, trusting relationship and in whom you are confident. Again, the goal is to bring lovers closer together. If your priority is quick pleasure, then tantric sex is worth the wait. If you are ready, then you should definitely discuss this with your partner. Let him know that he has time to think about it, and do not forget to share your feelings: explain why you are interested in trying this type of sex and strengthen your emotional connection, and also mention the positive aspects of such an experience: in addition to the obvious pleasure, it will bring you health posture - both physically and mentally.

3. Preparing your body

When you have discussed this with your partner and come to a mutual agreement, it is worthwhile to start preparing yourself and your body for this. Many experts advise abstaining from sex for a couple of days as a preparation: it helps build up sexual energy for the most intense sensations. It is also worth giving up heavy foods for lightness in the body, and you can also do stretching to relieve yourself of any feeling of discomfort later. The most important thing is to do breathing exercises: it helps to relax the mind and body and relieves them of unnecessary thoughts and stress.

4. Preparing the home environment

And this is equally important! It is best to choose your bedroom for the first experience: the bedroom for a couple is always a place associated with relaxation and comfort. Create pleasant lighting, you can use your favorite scented candles, which you just cherished for a special occasion, but it is advisable that they do not have a harsh, obtrusive scent. Use silk sheets and throw in plenty of soft pillows - only when you are completely comfortable will you be able to focus on each other and on your feelings.

5. Key details of the process itself

Immediately before the process itself, it is worth repeating the breathing exercises, and ideally also meditate for about 10-15 minutes. This is the best way to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and focus on the pleasure ahead. By its very nature, tantric sex is not only a sexual act, it also includes a long foreplay. Ancient sources indicated that it could last for more than one hour. And this happens at a deep spiritual level. Eye contact and sensitive body contact are important. In terms of specific postures, yab-yum is considered a classic of tantric sex. It was in this position that the Hindu god Shiva and his wife Shakti copulated, which means they improved.

The sex itself has to be slow, which is why it is so long. The implication is that despite the complete relaxation of mind and body, man and woman have complete control over their bodies. And by stopping at a crucial moment, you can be convinced that the result will be worth it.

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