Sarah Jessica Parker: Smile, Love And Good Shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker: Smile, Love And Good Shoes
Sarah Jessica Parker: Smile, Love And Good Shoes

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Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon, yes, but certainly not a lady of almost retirement age. By the way, she is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery and all kinds of cosmetic tricks. This does not at all prevent her from being the very lady whom even twenty-year-olds admire and try to imitate.


The actress can hardly be called a beauty. Let's be honest, she's not for everybody. But Sarah Jessica has so much life, charm and unconditional self-love that any textbook enchantress with a face created by angels in tandem with the best surgeons in Hollywood fades in her shadow.

Despite the fact that the actress herself does not identify herself with the heroine from "Sex and the City", we, looking at her, still see Carrie Bradshaw. The one that gave us the definition of "the man of my dreams" and belief in a fairy tale for adult girls. The one who taught her to talk openly about relationships and at least once, but try the Cosmopolitan cocktail.

I remember well the episode where Carrie turned 35. She was sitting in a diner with her friends and sadly repeated: "I'm thirty-five!". At that moment I was much younger, but mentally I answered her: “So what! You are so gorgeous! Carrie, don't be sad! " Indeed, there was no need to be sad, because the man of her dreams was already waiting for her near the house. And after 35, all the fun began.

Then Carrie posed in wedding dresses before the wedding. She was already forty. Or even a little over. And that seemed normal. Because a beautiful, successful, well-groomed, sexy woman on the screen got married for love. At forty? So what! I remember how great it was to travel with Carrie Bradshaw around the big city, where there was a place for friendship, love, sparkling jokes and, of course, sex.

Recently, I have been terribly tired of young ladies, sighing that they are already 24. And a lot, it turns out, is not for their age. Probably, this is a feature of our mentality: we bloom early and fade just as early. So it seems to us. And then we go home, turn on the series and see how the heroine tries on a snow-white dress on the screen in order to finally go down the aisle in her fifties. And we are happy for her, but there is a chill inside: “The story, of course, is beautiful, but not real. Can I do the same, but only up to thirty? Still have time to give birth. And the second one. And then my classmates are already, and I am not yet."

The series "Sex and the City" is over. Carrie Bradshaw left, Sarah Jessica Parker stayed. No matter how much the differences between them, the actress continues to teach us to live beyond age and beyond stereotypes. To be beautiful in that period of life in which you are today, right now.

Smile. Healthy values. Love. First of all - to yourself. And, of course, good shoes. Such are the simple terms. And even if the whole world wants to turn you into an old woman, you can easily jump over these dogmas and move on with a smile. After all, you are wearing your lucky shoes.

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