Tracksuits - No! What Will Be Shown In "Fashionable Verdict" This Week

Tracksuits - No! What Will Be Shown In "Fashionable Verdict" This Week
Tracksuits - No! What Will Be Shown In "Fashionable Verdict" This Week

Video: Tracksuits - No! What Will Be Shown In "Fashionable Verdict" This Week

Video: Tracksuits - No! What Will Be Shown In "Fashionable Verdict" This Week
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"In our family, the husband is Natasha!" The heroine of the issue is Natalia. Photo: Channel One


On Tuesday, the Hovhannisyan spouses are filmed in "Fashionable Verdict". "In our family, the husband is Natasha!" Karen says frankly. The man claims that in their marriage, all important decisions are made by the wife, and he remains out of work and is content with the role of Natalya's fifth child.

And Karen often has to watch how the wives of his friends flutter in skirts and dresses, while his wife wears only a tracksuit and stretched T-shirts.

The situation is aggravated by the age difference between the spouses and Natalia's rich life experience, which she does not forget to remind Karen of. Tracksuits - no! The heroine of the issue is Anna. Photo: Channel One

On Wednesday again, a couple, in which a man took up arms against sportswear. Boris is ashamed of his girlfriend's appearance.

The young man is a ballet soloist. He is a frequent guest of social events, around him are beautiful ballerinas, he wants to see Anna elegant and stylish, but instead she wears tracksuits or stretched T-shirts.

Anya lived for 4 months in the USA and realized that a relaxed style suits her more than formal outfits. The girl is not ready to leave her cozy writing world in order to fit into a secular society.

“In America, nobody cares about their appearance! They even go to the theater in a tracksuit! " - the girl justifies herself. Will stylists be able to reconcile young people and turn Anna into a real “socialite”? The dump truck driver "rescues" his wife The heroine of the issue - Anastasia. Photo: Channel One

Thursday - the story of the dump truck driver Dmitry and his wife Anastasia. Dmitry wants his wife to look like the sexiest beauty queen, not like an adult aunt at a funeral.

"My Nastena is a smiling and cheerful woman with a daring character, but her wardrobe is green melancholy and mortal boredom!" - he declares. Dmitry dreams of returning to himself that light girl-Thumbelina, which his wife was before a serious illness.

Anastasia takes a different position. First, the husband must love her anyone. Secondly, she defeated oncology, which means she is already a queen! Well, and thirdly, try to put on something bright when after an illness you have gained more than 20 kilograms.

Nastya is sure - where the fifth husband is, there is the tenth, so Dima needs to be more careful in his statements.

After all, before Anastasia had to find a flaw in her next husband, she said without hesitation: "Let's say goodbye!" But her fifth husband Dmitry is not a timid dozen, he is sure that he will not only be able to tame the obstinate wife, but also return the former fatal beauty.

People's stylist Yuri Belov volunteered to help awaken Anastasia's sexuality. “Everything is not so in her, but she is a good person.” The heroine of the issue is Olga. Photo: Channel One

Vladimir Melnik is dissatisfied with the appearance of his wife Olga. Going to parties, he himself invites her to stay at home. Vladimir is ready to take on Olga's imperfect appearance only because he considers her to be an intelligent woman: "Even if not a beauty, but her head is in place."

This attitude offends Olga. She understands that a woman should not only attract a man with her rationality, but also with her passion, her husband should be afraid of losing her.

Olya herself does not manage to become a fatal beauty for her husband, because she is too carried away by the role of mom. A married couple turn to Fashion Sentence for help, hoping that the program will help maintain the relationship.

"Fashionable Sentence", Channel One, on weekdays, 9.55

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