How Control Mania Destroys Your Relationship

How Control Mania Destroys Your Relationship
How Control Mania Destroys Your Relationship

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There are tons of things that can destroy your sex life. Moreover, some of them have the power to destroy even the strongest relationships that have been tested by time, feelings, and mutual affection. Nothing lasts forever, and you should know that. On the other hand, there is leprosy worse than your carelessness, disgusting appearance and inability to behave like a gentleman. We're talking about control mania - every guy who has just discovered the wonderful world of sex and close communication with the one and only girlfriend whom he considers his own can be infected with this disease. As a rule, we do not control the girl from the worst motives - we want to protect her so that the relationship is strong and healthy. Of course, we cannot trust our friends 100%, so sometimes we look at their correspondence, monitor every call, record their movements. Everything is for the good of love, but these actions turn out to be terrible, directly opposite consequences. With each new increase in the level of control, you bring the knife blade closer to your personal life - sooner or later you must understand this. We want you to understand your problem (we hope you don't have it) today, not tomorrow. Here are the four most common outcomes of control mania. All of this can be avoided if you show prudence and trust in relation to the woman.

Sluggish sex life

The main function of sex in modern society is by no means procreation or even pleasure. It consists in the formation of a strong intimacy between two sexually mature people. If such a connection is formed everywhere, then the society will prosper - people will be less angry with each other just because everything is fine with them in sex. Look at countries where sex is a taboo topic. What is happening in these countries? If not war, then the degradation of thought, culture and government apparatus. This is because the state (and sometimes religion) interferes with the sphere of influence of sex.

So, when you start to control the sex life of your partner, the same thing happens - the relationship begins to degrade, there are a lot of opportunities for mutual distrust, and the sex itself resembles a mechanical action, where there is no emotional return, but only a process. The fix is ​​simple - stop planning sex, try to hear your partner and, of course, forget that you can persuade a girl to have sex when she doesn't want to. Mutual consent and absolute trust are the main components of a rich sex life.

Endless criticism

Control mania inevitably leads to criticism of the most vile quality. Nothing kills intimacy in a relationship more than criticism. Relationship psychologists note that criticism (both justified and unfounded) is one of the most common reasons for a marriage that will soon end in divorce. We think that it is worth listening to the psychological community, because even in our modest experience, we have observed this too often. When you start living with a woman, then she and you will have to accept some rules of the game. They imply that some of the things that really annoy you will have to give up. If you do not do this, then the warm atmosphere of goodwill, friendship and romance will disappear from the relationship. It can be saved if you give up the desire to "fit" a person for yourself. Remember that in a relationship there is no place for selfishness, but there is a place for individuals. You have to be courageous enough to let the girl be herself.

Progressive resentment

Relationships are like playing ping pong. One player cannot serve continuously. So you should not constantly dominate in a relationship, no matter how strange it may sound. If you feel that you are morally stronger than your girlfriend, then give her a little freedom so that she feels equal with you, otherwise resentment will accumulate, which will lead to a weakening of the connection. Control will not help in this regard - equality, division of spheres of influence and mutual respect will help.

Destruction of respect

By the way, speaking of mutual respect - it disappears when you start to control everything. You are scared to think that your girlfriend can deceive you, but it is three times more offensive to her to realize that you do not trust her - she is trying to prove the opposite, but the control mania does not give you the opportunity to understand her friend, she is killing you. You see, if you control your friend everywhere and in everything, then she has little reason to respect you - the girl will think more and more that the relationship is too toxic and unaffordable for her, she wants more freedom, but not because she has such a nature, but because you squeeze her throat more and more, you do not let me breathe fresh air. Think about it. Perhaps it is worth letting the girl go for the night with her friends? After all, this is a question of trust and strength of your relationship, and not a question of the fact that you are "such a moron that you let your girlfriend go to the club." In our opinion, a moron is a person who cannot trust his woman, or does not understand that if a woman needs to be controlled every second, then it is better not to live with such a woman. In general, the behavior of a person obsessed with control mania is behavior that must be stopped in order to normalize the relationship with the girl. It happens that the initiator of control is not a man, but a woman. In this case, you need to take the balls into a fist and find out the reasons that made your friend control you. If you find out the reasons, then you can find a solution. The main thing is that you have to get to the bottom of it, to the root cause. It can be: a desire to secure a relationship, a strong attachment to father and mother, traumatic relationships in the past. In general, good luck to you!

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