Discovered The Incredible Ability Of The Female Body

Discovered The Incredible Ability Of The Female Body
Discovered The Incredible Ability Of The Female Body

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The cells of each sexual partner are stored in the female body. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the United States, who were studying the structure of the brain in women. Biologists have stated that the female brain is characterized by "male microchimerism."


63% of women carry the DNA of men in their brains. The announcement was made by researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Scientists believe that in most cases, the presence of male DNA in the body in women is associated with the experience of sexual life. Moreover, as experts say, the "male footprint" in the female body can persist for an astonishingly long time. For example, some of the women observed by scientists have been carriers of male DNA for 50 years.

This phenomenon, called by scientists male microchimerism, was originally attempted to be explained by the pregnancy of boys. But research has shown that male DNA is present even in the bodies of women who have never carried children.

"Sperm of all partners, getting into the blood, are absorbed in the body of the fairer sex and remain with them all their lives, penetrating into the spinal cord and brain," stated the authors of the work.

We will remind, earlier representatives of science made predictions that in a few decades mankind will step into the "era without sex" - sexual contact will cease to be used by people for reproductive purposes.

Scientists then stated that such an aspect of life as procreation will become extremely technological, and therefore the usual institution of marriage will begin to change.

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