Is It Permissible Not To Wear A Wedding Ring

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Is It Permissible Not To Wear A Wedding Ring
Is It Permissible Not To Wear A Wedding Ring

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Most married couples take their wedding rings very seriously. However, there are those who prefer not to wear them at all. Which one is right?


Ancient tradition

Wedding rings have been worn since ancient Egypt. It was from there that this tradition migrated to our country. Moreover, this happened even before the adoption of Christianity by Russia. Then the ring was put on the index finger. In the 15th century, the wife wore a gold ring and the husband an iron ring. Later, gold became the privilege of men, and women switched to silver.

Moreover, earlier the engagement ceremony was a different ceremony from the wedding ceremony, therefore the engagement and wedding rings were different. In 1775, the two rituals were joined together, and the rings began to be called wedding or simply wedding rings.

Thus, we see that the tradition of wearing rings is very ancient, and, perhaps, that is why, despite the religious background, it was preserved during the Soviet period. Then the newlyweds did not even have the question of whether to buy wedding rings or not: they simply could not imagine weddings without them.

Scientists' opinion

The vast majority of future married couples choose rings made of precious metals, most often gold, in jewelry stores. Meanwhile, scientists argue that the constant wearing of such jewelry has a negative effect on health. Researchers from Carleton University, which is located in the Canadian capital Ottawa, compared the mental state of those who constantly wear gold jewelry and those who do not wear them at all, reports WellNews. It turned out that gold provokes outbursts of negative emotions and slows down the metabolism. Therefore, Canadian experts are confident that the absence of a wedding ring on a finger will only have a positive effect on a person's condition.

And the site with a link to writes that gold rings can have a destructive effect on men. According to scientists, when worn for a long time, the yellow metal is oxidized, and the products formed as a result of this reaction, getting into the body, do not have the best effect on the activity of the reproductive system. According to experts, gold is one of the possible causes of disorders in the intimate life of men. It is noteworthy that jewelry made of this metal does not have such an effect on women.

Church opinion

Due to the fact that today a marriage entered into in the registry office is recognized by the church, it will not be superfluous to find out the opinion of the priests about the wedding rings. Moreover, even the ministers themselves, being married, do not wear rings. Why? To this question, Priest Andrei Chizhenko (site "") replied that priests belong only to God, and the family, although an important component of their life, but still the spouse and children are after the Lord in second place.

As for ordinary laity, then for them the rings should not be something sacred. At least, Archpriest Andrei Efanov (the Orthodox edition of Foma) considers these decorations "a trifle that you shouldn't even worry about." However, the priest warns readers that such an attitude is permissible only if the person does not take off the ring in order to feel free from marriage.

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