5 Pluses Of Intimacy With Your Own Husband

5 Pluses Of Intimacy With Your Own Husband
5 Pluses Of Intimacy With Your Own Husband

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Marital sex is like a well rehearsed dance


You know exactly how to turn your head and where to put your hand, so that your partner understands that you need to continue in the same spirit, or change your position and tactics. The whole process is devoid of unnecessary actions, and you have long since minimized all these collisions of foreheads and noses. This makes it easier to climax. In addition, you know exactly how to please each other by studying all the sensitive and erogenous zones over the years of marriage.

..with room for experimentation

You are not averse to experimenting to bring something new and fresh to your sex life. What is not an incentive not to let the second half get bored? For people who prefer polygamous relationships, it is enough to skate the obligatory program with each new partner.

You are not ashamed of your body

This means that you behave in a relaxed manner in the bedroom. The spouse has already studied your "imperfect" body along and across, and is quite pleased with your parameters. But this will not work with a "one-time" partner! Thoughts about a good angle will always creep into my head, what a pleasure it is!

Sex is a stress reliever

The stress and fatigue accumulated during the day are so pleasant to neutralize in this way. And this kind of mutual therapy is also helpful in dealing with stress. The fact is that during foreplay and sex, the body actively releases endorphins, which make you calmer and happier.

Time for two

Of course, romance and passion in a relationship, after a couple of years of marriage, gives way to routine and household chores. But what prevents you, when the children are packed and the dishes are washed, again to become those in love that you were once in the first months after the wedding. And sex is another reason to prove to each other that you are still happy.

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