Women's Habits That Can Ruin Relationships

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Women's Habits That Can Ruin Relationships
Women's Habits That Can Ruin Relationships

Video: Women's Habits That Can Ruin Relationships

Video: Women's Habits That Can Ruin Relationships
Video: 12 Behaviors That Destroy Relationships 2023, March

Many things that seem to us (women) are absolutely normal, infuriate men. But we don't even think about it, because "he must love you for who you are." No dear, it is not. Read our list of the dumbest female habits that break even the strongest alliances, and never forget: a smart woman is a cunning woman.


We interviewed one secular heartthrob, an intellectual and just a charming man named Nikita to comment on all the points and he (not that we would be surprised) completely agreed with us.

Monitor his ex

This is where all relationships begin. Before setting foot on its territory, you need to study all potential enemies. At least every girl thinks so. But this is not at all the case. Monitoring former, supposedly current and potential will not do you any good. In the best case, you will raise your self-esteem (“How could he even date her?”), And in the worst case, you ruin your mood.

N.: This is stupid. You never know what and with whom he had. It is important that he is with you now, and the ex is not important.

Get offended and not say what

"Oh, everyone!" Is a phrase that men hear in their worst dreams. If, God forbid, he looked at you wrong, did or said something wrong, be kind enough to explain to him exactly what he annoyed you with. Do not think that men understand hints, they hate them, so put your "oh, everything" in a distant box and learn to speak constructively.

N.: It is annoying because it is not clear to a man how to react to it. I believe that you should always say what you are offended so that he does not repeat this mistake in the future. And speaking out is always right. Chill out.

Check social media activity

“Good night, darling,” he writes to you. An hour passes and he is still online? No need to pull out your hair and watch who he has liked on Instagram for the last two hours. Just put your phone on Do Not Disturb and wait for your Good Morning Baby. And there is no need to imagine before going to bed, as he writes to all Katy and Marin in his phone book.

N.: This is idiocy. It seems to me that this only happens when you yourself have nothing to do.

Climb into his phone

“Whatever happens, remember: you can't touch your man’s phone,” my grandmother told me. True, her husband did not receive likes from @ sexychika95 and @ beutifulmasha000, he had a push-button Siemens. But this does not change the essence. The worst thing a girl can do is start reading his correspondence.

N.: Everyone should have their own personal space. And this is a sign of distrust in a person.

Remind him of his shoals

He just forgot to buy toilet paper, and you have already listed all the synonyms for the word "idiot" and remembered how he stayed at a meeting with friends, answered the call while sitting on a date, and, in general, it seems to you that he is no longer you loves and does not hear. Rave. Don't be vindictive.

N.: What was, it was. Why remember this. We passed this stage and crossed out.

Jealous of his friends

Friends are the holy of holies of every man. 10 vests to cry in (yes, they are people and cry too), 10 drinking buddies and 10 coolest men on the planet (at least they think they are). No one ever (not even you) dares to stand between them and prohibit watching football together. And do not try to be offended if suddenly he promised you to go to the cinema, and then suddenly remembered that today Spartak is playing with Zenit.

N.: Friends are an important part of a man's life. Without them, it will turn sour and be boring, and the girl herself will not be fun from this. Therefore, it is stupid to be jealous of friends. He must have an outlet.

Check its location

Trust is the key to a long and happy relationship. That is why he is so enraged by your "Well, where are you?" every five minutes. Even if the clock is three in the morning, and he is still not at home, try to calm down and go to bed. And if you nevertheless decided to punch his location by phone number, then first make sure that he will not receive the sms "They are looking for you."

N.: Stupid. What difference does it make where the man is? It is important that he is with you, that he loves you and trusts you.

Impose your company

Another "fad" is obsession. Each of you should have personal space, and men are especially hard pressed to experience its lack. If you feel that he does not want to talk, is very tired or simply not in the mood, it is better to leave him alone and go about your business.

N.: Debilism. Not all people agree. And if he does not like her company and she is imposed on a man, he will be angry and spoil every meeting with this company. In general, to impose anything in a relationship is idiocy. Everything should be decided by consensus.

Take the lead

But this is generally almost a mortal sin of a strong woman. Let him choose the place where your next date will take place or watch the movie he has been waiting for.

N.: Well, if a man cannot decide, then why not. But if this happens all the time, the importance of a man decreases.

Mark its territory

Well, the cherry on the cake is your stuff on its territory. You just stayed with him for the night, and your toothbrush is already in the bathroom? Get ready for a serious conversation and never rush things in your life again.

Mr. N.: Hahaaaaa. Each man should have his own territory where he can stay in his aura. And if a lady gets in there, he will be angry, and this gets in the way.

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