What People Don't Go To To Avoid Getting Married

What People Don't Go To To Avoid Getting Married
What People Don't Go To To Avoid Getting Married

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Video: What People Don't Go To To Avoid Getting Married
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Mendelssohn's march, a magnificent white dress of unprecedented beauty, a happy bride and groom standing at the altar - those who are married on their wedding day should go through all this, but not those who are trying with all their might to avoid this day. After the wedding day is set and a bunch of guests are invited, there is no turning back, but suddenly the groom or the bride realizes that he does not want to marry and it is too early for him or her to say goodbye to single life, then they begin to do the stupidest things in their lives instead of to tell your chosen one the truth in the face.



1. The groom deliberately called his bride by a false name

During a Western wedding ceremony, Zhao Lei, a resident of China, politely asked his bride, who froze in anticipation of the solemn moment, blissfully looking at her lover with happy eyes: "Xiao Ling, do you agree to become my wife?" So romantic, if not for one "but": Xiao Ling was the name of his ex-girlfriend who moved to another country. The name of the one he was going to marry was Zhao Ting. The failed bride gave Lay a slap in the face and walked briskly to the exit, throwing her wedding ring on the floor. Formally, they were already considered husband and wife, so Zhao Ting filed for divorce immediately after the incident.

2. The girl killed her fiancé on her wedding day

Saturday, August 11, 2012, was supposed to be the happiest date in the life of Na Cola Franklin, but fate decreed otherwise: on that day, the girl brutally dealt with the man she was going to marry. Billy Raphael Brewster and Na Cola Franklin were engaged and were about to get married. On the eve of the wedding, they quarreled violently over small trifles. On the day of the wedding, the conflict escalated to the limit and ended with Na Kola, who reportedly had not slept for several days and was in a nervous state, stabbed her fiancé to death in front of her own children. Brewster's relatives were traveling from out of town to a wedding, but ended up at a funeral. On Cola, Franklin was sentenced to life in prison.

3. The man decided to set fire to the hotel instead of confessing to his fiance that he was already married

In 2009, a resident of Japan, Tatsuhiko Kawata, having been married for fifteen years, proposed to another woman whom he had met for more than three years. Tatsuhiko promised his mistress, naturally unsuspecting, to marry her in October 2009. The wedding was to take place at the Risonare Hotel, located in Hakuto City (Hokkaido Island, Japan). Kawata was not going to divorce, nor was he going to tell his fiancée that he already had a wife. He also did not cancel the wedding, deciding instead to set fire to the hotel in which the wedding ceremony was planned. At the trial, Tatsuhiko pleaded guilty, trying to mitigate it by the fact that no one was injured in the fire. Understandably, his ex-fiancee had a completely different opinion on this issue.

4. The man called the police and said that the place where his wedding was supposed to take place was mined

Neil McCardle decided to become the “ideal groom” and took on the responsibility of preparing his own wedding. He made a to-do list, but only bothered to check it when there was only one night left before an important event. Unfortunately, Liverpool's St. George's Hall (the place where McCardle's wedding was supposed to take place) was already rented by another young couple who also wanted to celebrate their wedding there. Neal was well aware that he had screwed up with the most important thing, so he could not think of anything better than calling the police the next morning and informing the dispatcher that a bomb had been planted in St. George's Hall. Everyone who was inside it, of course, had to be evacuated. It turned out that McCardle thwarted two weddings at once. The man did not hide that the call about mining was his handiwork, and surrendered to the police. He was arrested and imprisoned for twelve months. Surprisingly, Neal's fiancée forgave him for his failed wedding preparations, and they stayed together.

5. Runaway bride

Jennifer Wilbanks was scheduled to marry John Mason on April 30, 2005. A few days before the wedding, she suddenly disappeared. The search began on April 26; For some reason, the bride's relatives immediately thought that something had happened to the girl, and the media began to accuse John of involvement in the disappearance of his beloved. On April 29, Mason received a call from Jennifer, who informed him about her abduction. She claimed that she was being held in some house by a Hispanic and white woman. According to the girl, the couple bullied and sexually assaulted her. Some time later, Wilbanks was found and arrested for perjury. She did not go to jail. Jennifer received a suspended sentence and sent her to community service. John Mason met another girl and married her in 2008. They played a modest wedding at the home of the groom's parents.

6. The young man faked his own death

Alex Lancaster, 23, thought she had found the man of her dreams when she met Tucker Blankford in August 2012 while a student at a Connecticut college. At first, the young man behaved with her like a little princess. He often pampered her with gifts and arranged surprises, one of which was a declaration of love and a marriage proposal. When Alex returned to her native England, she began to slowly prepare for the most significant event in her life. Inspired by love and dreams, the girl bought a wedding dress and other items needed for the celebration, including invitations and plane tickets. In turn, Tucker had to find a place for the wedding ceremony.

Shortly before the appointed wedding day, a man called Alex, who introduced himself as Blankford's father, and said that Tucker had committed suicide by throwing himself under the wheels of a bus. This turned out to be a lie. Later it turned out that the young man is alive and well. He invented such a ridiculous story in order not to marry Alex. The girl also learned that Tucker did not even think about looking for a place for the wedding ceremony. In addition, he did not consider it necessary to inform his parents about his engagement to Lancaster. His mother generally thought they were separated. Alex filed a lawsuit against Blankford in order to obtain compensation in the amount of $ 1,200 (buying a dress on eBay and other expenses) for property damage. Now she is developing a business idea for creating wedding accessories.