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Justin Bieber

Childhood Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, which is located in the province of Ontario, Canada

Turk Ali Pirzadeh Sues Dasha Druzak Over Rape Charges

Daria Druzyk, a former member of "House-2", again found herself in the center of the scandal. Previously, the girl accused the singer Alexander Serov of rape and said that she was pregnant with him

The Ex-wife Of Alexander Serov Broke Up With The New Chosen One

It is reported that after a divorce from a star, she started an affair with a certain man named Maxim

Is A Sex Doll Brothel Ethical Or Not? Explained By Director Of The Women's Crisis Center, Head Of The Sex Workers Movement And Founder Of Dolls Hotel

Dolls Hotel leisure center opened in St. Petersburg - the first legal city brothel with sex dolls

Leonid Barats: "I Love Anna, But It's Hard To Live Together"

The actor first spoke about the divorce. Details - in an exclusive interview with Leonid Barats, in the world Alexei, one of the brilliant four witty charming middle-aged men from the Quartet

"Said To My Face: Without Me You Would Be Nothing." Channel One Commentator Pavel Zanozin Complained About Vasily Utkin

The sports commentator on Channel One Pavel Zanozin, in conversation with the host Maria Komandnaya on Instagram, complained about the formerly famous football commentator, and now

Political Scientist Nightingale Warned Of "dramatic Changes" In 2021

The current situation in Russia is comparable to the years of Yuri Andropov's rule, while “cardinal changes” are brewing in the country, which may come suddenly. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist

Milevsky: “The Most Beautiful Women Are Ukrainian Women. I Love Older Girls "

The famous Ukrainian footballer Artem Milevsky, who currently plays for the Belarusian team Dynamo Brest, gave an interview in which he said that the most beautiful women in the world

20 Unexpected Signs Of An Impending Divorce

Content Symptom 1: You don't kiss each other in the morning Sign 2: You don't want to have children Sign 3: From peace to skirmish - one step Sign 4: One of the spouses often

Univer Star Anna Khilkevich First Told Why She Divorced Her First Husband

As it turned out, the couple could not come to a compromise on the issue of replenishment in the family. Now 33-year-old Anna Khilkevich is happily married to businessman Arthur, from whom she has two daughters

The Ridiculous Fate Of The Daughter Of Famous Actors Nikolai Rybnikov And Alla Larionova

The star couple was considered by many fans to be one of the most beautiful families of cinema of that time. The couple lived together for over 30 years and were an exemplary family, but their youngest daughter did not live up to

And Yet, Yes: Dziuba's Wife Decided To File For Divorce

Christina Dziuba no longer intends to endure her husband's betrayal and humiliation. The intimate video of Artem Dziuba, which got on the Internet, cost the striker his career. Zenit striker suspended from participation in games

Media: Dziuba's Marriage Is Over

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Artyom Dziuba's Wife Wants To File For Divorce?

According to rumors, the video scandal was the last straw for Kristina. Rumors circulated on the Internet that Kristina Dzyuba, the wife of the Russian national team striker, wants to file for divorce. Writes about it

She's Crushed: Christina Dziuba's Friends Pull The Girl Out Of Depression

After the scandalous video of Artyom Dziuba appeared on the network, his fans began to worry about the question: how did the player's wife react to the publication of these videos? For all the time that

The Wife Of Artem Dziuba Demands A Divorce

After the publication of the scandalous video, Dziuba's life changed dramatically. Friends and fans began to condemn the football player, he lost his place in the national team and the captain's armband at Zenit. But most

Artem Dziuba's Divorce Is Discussed On The Web Because Of A Leaked Intimate Video

It is reported that the wife of the forward of St. Petersburg "Zenith" decided to part with him after 8 years of marriage. The scandal with the leaking of an intimate video on the Internet can cost football player Artem Dzyuba not only

Orzul Reacted To Rumors About An Affair With Dzyuba

TV presenter Maria Orzul commented in a conversation with reporters about her relationship with Artem Dzyuba. Maria Orzul reacted to rumors about an affair with Artem Dzyuba. According to the TV presenter

Will He Forgive This Time? Revealed Secret Information About The Wife Of Artem Dziuba

After the intimate video of Artyom Dziuba got online, many noted that his wife did not comment on what happened. Moreover, the Zenit football player and the Russian national team have always hidden

Yulia Menshova Showed A Rare Romantic Photo With Her Husband

Yulia Menshova showed a rare romantic picture with her husband TV presenter Yulia Menshova has been happily married to actor Igor Gordin for more than 20 years. The couple is raising a son Andrey and a daughter

Julia Menshova Published A Rare Photo With Her Husband

Theater and film actress, TV presenter Yulia Menshova rarely publishes joint pictures with her husband Igor Gordin, with whom she has been married for 24 years. Because of this, fans believe she is hiding

"Clinked With Mineral Water And Took A Selfie" Yulia Menshova On How She Noted NG 1991 With Her Parents On The Train

On the eve of the upcoming holiday, the representative of the star dynasty, Yulia Menshova, remembered how she met the New Year in an unusual way thirty years ago. Many stars see off the outgoing year, fail

The Rejuvenated Alentova In A Joint Photo With Menshova Delighted The Fans

She told the subscribers a touching story about how once a year she and her star parent dismantle the wardrobe, throw away old clothes and devote themselves to shopping. The artist shared

Celebrity Short Marriages: When The Stars Didn't Get Along

Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper [caption id = "attachment_1523363" align = "alignnone" width = "1024"] [/ caption] Until now, Jennifer Esposito remains the only woman who

Yulia Menshova And Her Husband Igor Gordin Celebrated The 24th Anniversary Of Their Relationship

TV presenter and actress Yulia Menshova said that her husband, actor Igor Gordin, constantly makes her laugh during self-isolation

Yana Poplavskaya Glows With Love On The Eve Of March 8: "Women Feel That Spring Has Come"

The actress came out with her young husband and told how she was forced to sleep on International Women's Day After Yana Poplavskaya entered into a new relationship with journalist Evgeny

The First Wife Of The Deceased Alexander Koltovy: "It Was Not Easy For Me With Two-meter Sasha"

NTV viewers are shocked by the death of the 41-year-old host of the show "DNA" and "Stars came together" Alexander Koltovy. He was killed by a passion for flying. Ten years ago, the TV presenter began attending the flying club, and in the spring

You Are Very Similar: Fans Of Yana Poplavskaya Appreciated Her Photo With Her Young Chosen One

Actress, publicist and teacher Yana Poplavskaya is happy in her relationship with radio host Yevgeny Yakovlev. The famous "Little Red Riding Hood" Yana Poplavskaya has been happy for five years with her chosen one

Hundreds Of Strangers Arrange A Secret Wedding For A Dying Woman

Hundreds of strangers helped a dying resident of the English city of Plymouth, UK, to fulfill her dying wish. It was reported by the local newspaper The Herald

Demi Moore Still Regrets Her Divorce From Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore broke up more than twenty years ago, when the actress began a romantic relationship with Ashton Kutcher

Karpovich First Commented On The Relationship With Priluchny: "Mom Taught Me Not To Take Someone Else's."

The 34-year-old actress responded to everyone who criticizes her for her affair with ex-husband Agatha Muceniece. Actress Miroslava Karpovich for the first time in six months since the appearance of rumors about her affair with the actor

Lies And PR: Which Of The Stars Deceived Us For The Sake Of Popularity

Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel "Director Krasko beat Shevel's alleged lover!" - made noise on the web a few days ago

Star Tremor: Secular Results Of

Olga Buzova 2017 Olga Buzova began as a free girl after her divorce from Dmitry Tarasov

Alexander Kott: Love Is A Fluid State

Director Alexander Kott is well known to the Russian audience for such films as "Brest Fortress", "Diamond Hunters", "Trotsky", "Debtor's Shack", "Insight" … Alexander is not particularly

Actor Alexander Samoilenko Will Become A Father For The Fourth Time

Russian theater and film actor Alexander Samoilenko is preparing to become a father for the fourth time

The Star Of "Daddy's Daughters" Alexander Samoilenko Will Soon Become A Father For The Fourth Time

He does not hide his happiness. Actor Alexander Samoilenko, known to the general public for the TV series "Daddy's Daughters", where he played a family friend of the protagonist, dentist Andrei Mikhailovich Antonov

Elena Malysheva Explained The Girls' Love For The Redhead From "Ivanushki" By Neurotic Addiction

The famous TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva tried to explain the girls' “unhealthy love” to one of the soloists of the Ivanushki International group, Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov

What Qualities Of Russian Women Admire European Men

Of course, each person is a unique person with their own personal habits and character

Julia Nachalova Spoke About Her Separation

Julia Nachalova began writing her memoirs. The singer decided to create them in the form of a detailed interview about events in her life

The Star Of "Soldiers" Vyacheslav Grishechkin Has Been Living In Depression For A Year And A Half

Vyacheslav Grishechkin, who played the role of a political officer by the name of Starokon in the TV series "Soldiers", spoke about his depression