Relationships 2023, October

The Mother Of The Girl Whose Hands Were Chopped Off By Her Husband: He Put Our Vigilance To Sleep

Margarita Gracheva from the Moscow region, whom a jealous husband chopped off a hand, moved her thumb of her sewn hand. The girl's mother told about this on the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda

The Scariest Stories About Jealousy: What Do People Go To Because Of Unrequited Love And Suspicion Of Treason

Margarita and Dmitry Grachev Margarita and Dmitry Grachev Margarita Gracheva Margarita Gracheva with children Rihanna and Chris Brown Rihanna and Chris Brown Rihanna and Chris Brown Rihanna and Chris Brown

Iskhakov Spoke About The Persecution Of Him By Journalists Because Of The Divorce From Gagarina

Well-known Russian photographer Dmitry Iskhakov made an appeal to the media about his divorce from the singer Polina Gagarina. The recently popular photographer decided to share on

Agata Muceniece Showed Fans Her Rounded Belly

Actress Agata Muceniece posted footage with a pregnant tummy in Instagram stories. It is noteworthy that next to the artist was actor Mikhail Pshenichny, who is the "on-screen" husband

Both The IPhone Is New, And The Child: Muceniece Showed A Pregnant Belly

Actress Agata Muceniece is a mother of two. In a marriage with Pavel Priluchny, the girl had a son Timofey, who this year went to first grade, and a daughter, Mia, she was four years old

Scientists: Country Girls Lose Their Virginity Before City Girls

In rural areas, girls start having sex a year earlier than their urban counterparts, scientists have found. The data was obtained from a study conducted by the Center for Control and Prevention

Lesha's Girl!: The Network Is Sure That Topuria Is Dating Guf

The famous singer Keti Topuria decided to please fans with another picture in which she showed her figure. However, most of the artist's subscribers were interested in something completely different

Evgeny Papunaishvili Gently Spoke About His Feelings For His Daughter And Wife

The famous choreographer and TV presenter Yevgeny Papunaishvili has recently also been called a happy dad. His wife Salima gave her beloved husband a daughter in December

"Learn To Use Your Brain As Your Powder Compact" - Sophia Loren On Beauty, Character And Men

Today the legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren celebrates her anniversary. She turned 85 on September 20

And Not A Husband At All: Anastasia Makeeva Is Surprised By The "bundle" With Gleb Matveychuk

The famous theater and film actress Anastasia Makeeva divorced the artist and composer Gleb Matveychuk two years ago, but he is still mentioned in the press in conjunction with her name

Boris Grachevsky Will Be Buried At The Troekurovsky Cemetery

Boris Grachevsky, the artistic director of Yeralash, died in the hospital on January 14. He was 71 years old. In December, the director was hospitalized in one of the Moscow clinics with coronavirus. Later it

Singer Glucose Was Accused Of Disrespect For Grachevsky For A Photo In A Swimsuit

Grachevsky, familiar to many Russians as one of the founders of the Yeralash children's newsreel, died on Thursday, January 14, at the age of 72. On the same day, Glucose microblogging on the social network

Boris Grachevsky Saw His Old Age

Soviet and Russian director Boris Grachevsky once showed on social networks how he sees his old age, humorously imagining himself completely gray-haired and with numerous wrinkles

As Boris Grachevsky Joked During His Lifetime

Boris Grachevsky until the end of his life was a temperamental man with an amazing sense of humor. He was known for his jokes and aphorisms, which he himself called "the idiocy of Boris Grachevsky."

The Media Found Out The Size Of The Inheritance Of The Late Boris Grachevsky

Boris Grachevsky, the artistic director of the Yeralash children's newsreel, who passed away on January 14, left his family a worthy legacy, which includes a variety of movable and immovable

A Close Friend Recalled The Last Conversations With Grachevsky

Boris Grachevsky was a real man, kind-hearted and family man who did not like to talk about his problems and at the same time convinced everyone around that the disease would recede. This is how the film critic remembered him and

Bozena Rynska Accused Boris Grachevsky Of Harassment

The journalist reacted coldly to the fact that Boris Grachevsky died. Moreover, Bozena Rynska spoke sharply negatively about how the director behaved with women

Typical Lustful Old Jew: Rynska Gave A Characterization To The Late Grachevsky

The journalist and socialite Bozena Rynska in her telegram channel spoke unflatteringly about the late director and head of the Yeralash newsreel Boris Grachevsky. Boris Grachevsky. Photo:

The Most Sensational Videos Of The Week: Creed Passionately Kisses A Blonde, And Brezhnev Dances In A Latex Bodysuit

The most coveted bachelor of the pop scene Yegor Creed presented a new video for the song "Tear"

Media: Ashton Kutcher Admitted That He Starved For A Week After Divorce From Demi Moore

The famous American actor Ashton Kutcher surprised fans and the entire world community by making a slightly unexpected and very frank statement about his divorce from Demi Moore, which was formalized

A Man With Two Penises Talks About A Sexual Experience

A man with two penises does not consider himself unique and is completely satisfied with his sex life. Writes about this The Sun. The man refused to give his name and chose to remain anonymous

Psychologists Have Found Out Which Girls Cheat On Partners Most Often

Women who often fake orgasm during sex with their partner are more likely to cheat

Scientists Have Explained How Women Choose Future Husbands

Women choose different men for short-term and long-term relationships, but the degree of difference in their choice depends on social aspects

Former Husband Nargiz: I Still Love Her

The ex-husband of the singer Nargiz admitted to that he still has feelings for her. In the new season of "Voices", viewers will see several famous people

Good For The Airborne Forces: Ksenia Sobchak's Husband Smashed A Huge Block Of Ice With His Head

39-year-old TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and her husband, 45-year-old theater director Konstantin Bogomolov, are spending the New Year holidays on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Unlike many others

37-year-old Actor Roman Polyansky Left His Wife For 25-year-old Ukrainian Singer Alina Grosu

Russian actor Roman Polyansky, after working together in the musical project of the Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, attracted special public attention to his personal life. Most noticed that between

Roman Polyansky Urged To Abandon Plastic Surgery

The star of the series "From Hate to Love" on Domashny, Roman Polyansky, is against plastic surgery, learned. The handsome actor is popular not only with the heroine Maria

Sex And Order: Why Do The Chinese Buy Slave Wives

How the market for brides works in a country where the keeper of the hearth can be chosen in a convenient catalog

Yaglych's First Child Was Born

Journalists are in a hurry to congratulate actor Vladimir Yaglych. According to rumors, the artist had a daughter. True, the actor himself has so far refrained from commenting

Vladimir Yaglych And Antonina Papernaya First Appeared After The Birth Of Their Daughter

On August 10 at the October cinema the premiere of the national comedy with the singer GlukoZa and Alexander Revva in the lead roles took place. Many domestic celebrities gathered to support colleagues

It Was The Demon Himself: Nargiz Told How The Ex-husband Beat Her

The finalist of "Voice" and Max Fadeev's ward Nargiz has released a new video for the song "Dislike", as well as a backstage video

Girl In Terracotta: Bogomolov Captured His Grown-up Daughter From Moroz In A Cafe

Konstantin Bogomolov noted a cafe with his ten-year-old heiress Anna from the first wife of actress Daria Moroz. The couple officially broke up in 2018, but maintained diplomatic relations

The Unrecognizable Ex-soloist Of "Nepara" Was Published With A New Colleague On The Stage

On November 11, the ceremony of awarding the stars of the First Ladies Awards Russia 2020 took place in Moscow. One of the guests of the event was the 43-year-old singer Victoria Talyshinskaya - ex-soloist of the duet

The Stars Who Gave Birth From Other People's Husbands And Do Not Regret It

Svetlana Ivanova Like many young actresses, Svetlana Ivanova had an affair on the set. Her heart was captured by the charismatic Russian-Uzbek director Janik Fayziev

First, It's Beautiful: 9 Best Performances And Clips Of Pregnant Stars

In honor of Svetlana Svetikova's birthday (on November 24, the singer will turn 34) "Letidor" will tell about star mothers who were not afraid to appear before the public with a round tummy

Julian's Life Is A Lie For The Sake Of Money: What Is Behind The Singer's "marriage" To Anastasia

On the air of Andrei Malakhov's program, the singer Julian played a whole scandal-performance - "Divorce with Anastasia". The correspondent, like millions of viewers, watched the scandalous release of the program

Who Surpasses Whom: A New Wedding In Kamensk-Shakhtinsky For Millions Of Rubles

Artists, judges, businessmen and other elite have lost their way this year - they arrange wedding celebrations one after the other. The wedding of the CEO's son took place in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky

Quinton Jackson: "I Ruined My Sex Life Because I Thought Only Of Fedor During Sex"

“Yes, Fedor and I made children at the same time in different parts of the world, and I try to imagine if he was sticking his thumb up her ass at the same time, as I did

For The First Time In Several Years, Marat Basharov Spoke About The Beatings Of His Ex-wife

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova Marat Basharov

The Groom Canceled The Wedding After Learning Why His Bride Was Given A Discount On The Dress In The Salon

The scripts that filmmakers come up with for their films and writers for their novels cannot be compared with the stories that real life gives us